Early morning on a country road

Early morning on a country road

I’ve gotten into the habit of taking the nearby thruway to do most of my travelling to and from work.  I had an unusually early morning meeting today. Preoccupied with the day’s agenda, I thoughtlessly turned left instead of right.  The left turn leads me over seven miles of twisty, ice-rutted country road to the interstate.  The right turn takes me to the main highway within a mile.  

The error would likely add several minutes to my trip.  Too lazy to turnaround, I continued on the same road.  A few miles into the ride, I was rewarded with beauty of the sun forcing its way up through the 15 degree air.  It was already likely that I would be late.  No sense in missing the opportunity to capture the morning photo and sneak in a deep breath for the day.

And I still made it to work with six minutes to spare.