I have a job where I frequently meet my work week hours (40) by late Wednesday.  Normally, I continue working.  Yesterday, I’d had enough.  So I left.

The state park near our home is one of my very most favorite places to go.  There is so much more than beaches–hiking trails, places to kayak, and the most wonderful sunsets imaginable.  It receives an estimated four million visitors each year, most of those during its peak summer season.  In spite of that, if you know where to look, there is always a spot in the warmer months where one can find solitude and peace here.  The remaining cooler and cold months are reserved for those of us who are not bothered by things like snow pack and ice dunes–birders, hikers, naturalists, and those who seek real solitude.  

Yesterday, solitude was aplenty at the park.  An air often scented with the smell of hot coals and coconut sunning oil, and beaches normally running amock with small children and bathing beauties was in stark contrast on this abnormally warm late winter day.  There were no reservations required.