Til the cows come home

Til the cows come home


Or maybe that should be ’til the cows GO home??

I was reorganizing my catalog of photos and came upon this one from last year.  I had gone home at lunch to walk my dogs, but was short on time.  I needed to quickly (or so I thought) get back to the office.  As I came around the curve, I encountered these “ladies”. 

Thankfully, having grown up in this area, I am accustomed to deer, rabbit, dogs, and other critters running out in front of me–so I don’t generally speed across country roads.  These ladies were a bit of a surprise.  But there they stood, in all their glorious black and white bovinity. 

They came closer.  I backed my car up.  And then they moved forward.  I backed up a little more.  Whatever way I moved, they moved with me.  They were persistent.  And let it be known, should this ever happen to you, the phrase “Shoo cow, shoo”–doesn’t work

I snapped several of these with my blackberry and emailed them off to my secretary with a note that I’d be a little late for my 1 pm meeting.  No one would have otherwise believed me.