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Hybrid vehicle

Hybrid vehicle

Well, I suppose its not really a hybrid vehicle, per se–but if this is how you get home every evening, you are certainly helping the environment!

I’ve had a fascination with houseboats since I was a small child.  The north pier, less than a half mile from here, was a favorite fishing spot for my father.  We frequented this area often.  The small houseboat community pictured in the background has been in existence for at least as long as I have.  Its the most deserted neighborhood I know of from December through March (except for the very brave ice fisherman), but begins to come alive soon after the ice breaks and the small bay area is ready for oar and rower. 

The solitude available here attracts me to the idea of living in a houseboat during warmer months, the moat of the small bay seemingly giving protection from all.