Late for school

Late for school

I am guilty of school bus stalking. 

Every morning, at approximately 6:30, I head outside with the cat.  We set out (actually, I set out–the cat only watches) the bird feeders.  If we do not take them away at night, they are ravaged and sometimes actually dragged away by the marauding racoons.  We then tend to a few other outdoor chores–like looking for squirrels in the barn (the cat), or opening the door to my studio (me) so the cat can come and go as he pleases.  All the while, the sky begins to slowly lighten and I, camera in hand, wait for the school bus.  I imagined the bus in motion, the color of its paint and lights, and the early morning sky would all make an intriguing in-motion picture.

Who knew it would take me several weeks and near frostbite on some of those mornings to get one lousy photo?

I cannot tell you how many blurry images I took before I finally got this one, which is not exactly tack sharp.  Why?  Apparently the two-cups-of-coffee-with-no-food-morning I enjoy is counter-productive for photography.  I seem to get a bit of the shakes.  I finally gave in and set up the tripod. 

I have to wonder if the school bus driver was driving by quickly because she was actually behind schedule…or if the crazy cat lady in the big puffy coat, standing outside every morning for two weeks with a big camera in her hand, might have encouraged her to go just a little faster when driving past our house.