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McAfee's Knob

McAfee's Knob

My yearning for a long backpacking trip increases as the weather warms each year.  As the new hiking season approaches, and we plan which sections of the Appalachian Trail we are hiking for the year, I love to scroll through my pictures and reminisce about the past years’ trips. 

This particular picture (from a cell phone, if I recall) was taken atop McAfee’s Knob, a very popular AT point of interest.  On this particular day, we arose as we usually do, at the break of dawn.  Our task for the morning was to climb straight up a very rocky incline, to catch a part of the sun rising on the knob.  It was chilly when we finally arrived, and we could not stay long.  The sweat from climbing with 30 lbs on your back is immense.  That, coupled with the chill of stopping on a cool mountaintop, has led me to a previous bout of hypothermia.  Nonetheless, the resulting view was worth every drop of sweat we spent that morning.

The boys seen in the photo one-upped us.  They had slept on the knob overnight and were breaking fast with the sun rise.  What a great way to start the day.