Watercolored wonderland

Watercolored wonderland

March often seems like the longest month of the year to me.  The anticipation of Spring is palpable.  Greenery begins to shine through the dulled colors left by winter.  Children play out in their neighborhoods, their coats daringly undone.  Bicyclists and runners begin to pepper the sides of our roads once again.  Everyone and everything is eager to commence out of hibernation.

And then it happens.  A lovely, warm Spring day passes to a new morning and a new blanket of snow.  Not a deep blanket, not a quilt, but nonetheless it’s there.  And we sigh.  And we wait.  How did this happen?  We were just admiring our crocuses and daffodils a mere day before!  But we know–it won’t be much longer.  The season is just teasin’ us for today.