Leave the light on for me

Leave the light on for me

  This is one of the most photographed lighthouses in our area. I personally have more pictures of this than I can count, from every angle and in at least three of our four seasons.

What made this particular picture a keeper for me has nothing to do with photographic quality–rather, it is the first time I’ve caught the darn thing with the light on. Until now, I hadn’t realized the light still shown for those traversing our Lake Erie.

The light was lit for the very first time on July 12, 1873, its first keeper earning an annual salary of $520. It is still occupied today by park personnel, who keep the light shining in hopes of providing guidance toward safer shores for those who may go adrift.

 We owe gratitude to those who have shined a light for us over the years when we were adrift. Everyone has at least one or two personal lighthouses in their life–who are yours?