I’ve written before about a few of our adventures on the Appalachian trail.  We were scheduled to hike over Easter break–however, the weather was a bit yucky in our planned destination area, so we decided to delay until early May.  Nonetheless, I remain antsy and ready to go.  In light of that, its always fun for me to go through some of my pictures as a reminder of how much fun we have. 

We generally hike with two other couples.  One of my favorite people (whose blog, Between Law and Grace, is listed on my blogroll) is a man we’ve nicknamed “Ackie”.  Ackie is one of those people you love to have with you–he’s calm, cool, collected and thoughtful in a crisis.  He’s a retired police chief, as well as a minister (Ackie actually performed our marriage ceremony on the trail).  Over the years, I’ve captured quite a few snaps of Ackie on the trail.  As I was culling through them last evening, I noted a theme…

























Doing what comes naturally

Rest my weary bones

Rest my weary bones

My computer crashed last year, and I lost about two-thirds of my hiking pictures.  As I scrolled through the remaining photos, I had to wonder how many more I had like this.  Nevertheless, we never take “short” hikes, so his resting is well-deserved and likely a lesson for all of us who push it just a bit too far everyday. 

Stop and smell the roses…or at least take a few minutes to dream about them.