I spent the better part of Sunday driving.  Five-plus hours heading east to the state’s capital, weather windy and wet.  The meeting started Monday, promptly at 8 am, ending promptly at 4 pm.  Get in car at 4:01.  Repeat the drive in reverse.

I’m not a big fan of driving by myself.  Especially for five hours, on a day I generally spend relaxing with my husband.  So we made the best of Saturday.  David and I went to the nearby state park, both of us with cameras in hand, to enjoy some fresh air and a sunset lit beach.

My husband aims and shoots:

Shootin' the sun (not the moon)

Shootin' the sun (not the moon)

 Tomorrow, David gets in the car, drives five hours to the state capital and stays until the end of the week.  And then he does the whole thing in reverse.


Time alone

Sometimes, its nice to have a little time to yourself.  To think and ponder, to live in your own skin and be reunited with who you are.

I enjoy time to myself.  I like to be quiet.  I enjoy being in my own skin.




I really do not know who I am until I see my reflection with another. 

Our partners–our friends and colleagues; our lovers and enemies; our family–allow us a glimpse of who we really are.  It is the relationships we hold with one another that reveal who we really are.  Our interactions are the basis of our growth as human beings.  We can venture out on a solitary path and discover many things about ourselves, but it is within those relationships where we put our self discoveries to the test.

I am not in the habit of wishing my life away, but I will be happy when the end of the week arrives and my husband returns home.  

I’m looking forward to Friday.