They are the people, places, and things that keep us anchored and stable when we begin to go adrift.  Our connections to sanity. 

I was in a rather large meeting yesterday, a meeting which started at 9 am and ended by 3 pm.  It was exhausting.  It was confrontative.  It was emotional.  By the end of the afternoon, I was spent.  Not much left inside.  Almost numb.

I have learned over the years that I am not well served when I depend only on my own perspective to process overwhelming situations.  I was glad I had invited several friendly-faced colleagues–people I’d literally trust with my life–to sit through the day.  Not only glad I’d invited them, but honored that each them showed and stayed for the entire day. 

 I took the opportunity to follow up with several them, as time allowed, to gain their perspectives.  Each of them took the time to give it to me.  It helped me piece the day back together in a way that made sense, and affirmed for me not only how important it is to have the perspectives of others in difficult times–but how lucky and blessed I am to have these connections.