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Edinboro U as the sun goes down

Edinboro U as the sun goes down

Having taken and sorted through quite a few photos from our recent trip, I hadn’t been out to shoot since our return.  It takes me a bit of time to recover and reintegrate myself in to a routine.  In addition to this, my husband returned home with me, only to turn around and head back south with two of our backpacking friends for a 100 mile jaunt.  This entailed quickly washing clothes and resupplying food, as well as changing out some heavier items for a few lighter ones.  A little hectic, but we made it.

I was able to get out this weekend for a few hours.  I picked up a regular sized John’s Wildwood pizza (best pizza, ever), and took a little tour around the state university town of Edinboro.  I took at least five photos per slice downed.  I cannot resist a setting sun and, this particular time, it was setting in a beautiful location right on the university campus.

Happy Monday.