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Sing out loud, Ethel
Sing it out loud, Ethel

 When I write, I pick a picture, post it, and let the picture tell me what I should write about.  I wait for it to speak to me, to spark a memory or a feeling.  And then I write.  Sometimes I write exactly about the thought that entered my mind.  Sometimes, what I start out writing is totally different than what exits my fingers as I type.  Its oddly therapeutic and sometimes spooky.  The writing is often a vent for feelings steaming right beneath my surface that I am not necessarily cognizant of.

Of late, I am converting many of my photos to black and white.  Not sure why.  I can tell you that the colors feel…uncomfortable.  Too bright, too much.  I need the simplicity?  I need things to be in black and white?  Things are, perhaps, too complicated in my life right now, having just enjoyed a short retreat from the hectic world of my work.  Now, I’ve plunged back in, completely immersed in chaos.

No, I definitely like the simplicity.

“Ethel Merman”, a famed singer for you younger types, was the first image in my mind when searching my little brain for a title.  Ethel would belt out a tune like no other.  She has long passed, but I can still hear her voice from many a musical, reverberating in my head.  The form and shape of the iris reminded me, I suppose, of an open mouth, waiting to belt something out.  Shouting, perhaps, into the black and white abyss to its left.

Welcome to my therapy session.

Please stay tuned…