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Chive talkin'
Chive talkin’

What are you growing in your garden this year? Herbs? Flowers? Big, juicy beefsteak tomatoes?

Gardening is a pesky passion of mine. I’m particularly fond of flowers and herbs, but I also enjoy a nice, hearty vegetable garden. I term my passion as “pesky” because, as any gardener knows, growth requires a lot of attention and maintenance. Without the requisite water and sunshine, or the appropriate soil nutrients, your growth is minimal if not completely disappointing. On the other hand, too much water, too many nutrients, yield the same disappointing results.

A well grown garden requires a plethora of things you won’t find among your normal gardening tools of spades and pruning sheers. Things like balance, nurturance, and patience. A well grown plot requires frequent and tedious weeding, so the desired plantings have ample opportunity to grow voraciously in their soil, without interference.

There is a child-like wonderment I experience each year, when a vegetable appears on a plant one dew covered morning, when just one evening before it did not exist. A tulip appears, like a phoenix rising, from ground just previously blanketed in snow. Best of all, I love picking a plump, tasty cucumber directly off the vine, salt shaker in hand, and eating it right there, in the garden, dirt and all.

In the end, a garden (at least in this part of the country) is tucked in and bedded down for a season of rest and dormancy, allowing the land to recover for the new growing season to come.

Ah, the cycle of life.

I hope whatever you grow in the upcoming season, be it a lovely bouquet of wildflowers, a newly born infant, or your very own soul, you do with love and patience. Your hard work will surely yield you a harvest of incredible joy.