Weeping iris
Weeping iris

Flowers of different varieties bloom throughout the warmer seasons here, present in one form or another from late winter of one year to early winter of the next. The earth literally comes alive with colors during those inbetween months.

Having moved to this particular home only one year ago this month, I am still familiarizing myself with what had been planted by the previous owners. I try to capture one photo of everything and make note of where it is (so I do not inadvertently dig it up as I re-landscape).

I think this is a Siberian Iris. Maybe. This was actually something I dug up while it was dormant last year and re-planted elsewhere to see what would appear. I was pleasantly surprised. Too lazy and worn to wander far from home tonight, I opted to walk around and snap a few shots.

It rained most of the day here. I took these during a short break in the showers. The irises, which stood tall and proud this morning, leaned forward tonight, heavy with the extra weight of the rain. Drooping. Yes, depressed. (Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics to non-living or non-human things. I figured if I could spell it correctly, I was allowed to do it.)

Its funny how things strike you in a certain way when you are in a certain frame of mind. Had I still been fresh in the week, I might have looked at this and thought, “Water! Essential for life!”

Nope, not today. Struggling a tad, drooping a bit. Thank goodness the sun sets and then rises again (if we are lucky), allowing us a fresh start every day.