Flower in the wind

…I don’t want to be right.  Technical-smechnical.  It was windy, the flower was pretty, I took the picture, and this is what I got.  I don’t know why, but it appeals to me.  I feel naked.  And I don’t care.

Sometimes its a nice thing to just bare it out all there, do you own thing.  Let loose, and forget about what others might think about you.  Too many constrictions and rules in life to follow them all.  You have to pick and choose what it is that’s really important, and hold dear to your heart those things that mean something to you.

So here I am, livin’ on the wild side!  (Okay, I need to work on the wild side part, but you get the drift…)

Let it all hang out.  WOO-HOO! (Lol…).