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By any other name

By any other name

I find it interesting that something beautiful, like a fresh, cherry red rose, can have even more beauty when examined closely, rather than just as a whole.  And yet, when we look too closely at some things, the magnification of whatever it is can be…frightening.

I was driving this evening.  I had the sensor cleaned on my 5d this week and had wanted to take a few photos, to assure myself all the specks were finally gone.  Conversely, I was really not feeling very motivated and had a difficult time framing anything in my mind as something worth remembering.  I was looking, but I wasn’t seeing.  Maybe I wasn’t even looking.

I drove.  I drove rather absent-mindedly.  I forced myself out of the car to take a few snaps.  I did not even wait for the sun to set on the beach, one of my very favorite things.  While driving, my mind wandered into all sorts of things that seemed “wrong”.  Relationships, work, finances.  You name it, I dissected and summarily worried about it until I felt catastrophe was surely right around the bend.

In clinical terms, we call this “depression”. 

I know this too shall pass.  I also know that one of the things I’ve taught my very own clients is to stop the dissecting.  There’s nothing wrong with the close examination of one’s self.  But when it leads to the type of thinking that makes you bypass the warm glow of a setting sun and the follow up promise of peanut butter yogurt ice cream, something needs to change.  

It is possible to think too much.  And far more important to stop and smell the cherry red rose when you see one.