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Private Property

Private Property

Private property.  Get out.  No trespassing.  This means you!!!!

I wrote about feeling a bit depressed the other day.  I have the tendency to fence people off, especially when I feel this way, not allowing anyone in.  Isolation disguised as solace becomes my handy medicine.  It is a tried and true shortcoming of my personality, one I have struggled all my life.  Not being a social person by nature under any circumstance, the tendency to pull away is a quick and easy response to my problems.  It can get me into hordes of trouble, however, because I am left with is….well, ME, to sort out of my various troubling thoughts.  ME is not necessarily the objective individual I need to steer me back on track.  ME is ever-so-slightly biased.

This was one of the last photos I took on Saturday evening, the night I was feeling a little lost.  I brought it home to process and, the more I worked with the photo, the more I came to believe it was the last photo I took for a reason.  Ironic?  Or…someone’s reminder to me that my shortcomings had temporarily overcome me.  Life generally works out a little better when you let a few trusted souls in to help when needed. 

I choose to think of it as a little photographic divine intervention.