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See you in a bit!

See you in a bit!

Monday was a holiday for our county, so I took a few hours at the local park for a run and some photo ops.  Although generally shy about taking stranger’s pictures, these gentlemen were more than happy to take advantage of a photo opportunity as they took their rods and reels out onto Lake Erie.  A beautiful day for boating and anything else out of doors.  It reminded me of how precious time away from the hustle, bustle and chaos of work is–and how important it is to just be anywhere but in my office.

That being said–we are headed away from home for a wedding in Atlanta this weekend, followed by a business trip for part of next week–I’ll be reading blogs, but will not likely be posting for the next seven to ten days on my own.  Please don’t forget me!!!  Check back next weekend, I hope to steal some moments for my camera and I while away.

Be safe everyone!  See you in a bit…