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Down on the farm

Down on the farm

It’s interesting and much fun for me, looking at what people enjoy photographing.  I’ve learned quite a bit from reading various blogs.  Some folks really enjoy macro, other’s enjoy portraiture.  Individuals look for lines and colors–or how to best take a landscape and convert it into a beautiful black and white.  People, objects, houses, sunrises and sunsets–there are so many things to see, if only we look.  So often, I find myself viewing someone else’s photo of something I wouldn’t ever have thought to capture and thought, “I never looked at it that way”.

I find myself drawn to sunrises and sunsets.  I believe, like a pheremonal firefly, it is the draw to the light, either waxing or waning, and the color and definition it often produces.  I also find myself drawn to rural scenes–I search them out when looking at photoblogs.  Some are just spectacular.

I don’t think this is anything spectacular, but it did catch my eye–and, only after developing the photo did I notice something I didn’t catch when taking the picture–there was a lonely-looking fellow staring at me the whole time through the barn door at the bottom left of the barn.  I had thought the farm was abandoned–little did I know, it actually has several horses who reside within it.

I hope you find something to day which catches your visual fancy–enjoy your Sunday!