Blue skies, white flowers

Blue skies, white flowers

I’m in a photographic slump, of sorts.  Seems as though every picture I’ve taken lately is…blah.  Bleck.  Ewww.  I have to resort to some photos in my archives, because I am not posting anything I’ve recently taken.  I am post-a-phobic.  I am not exposing my ill-exposed exposures.

Ever hit a slump like this?

I am, therefore, going to do what I know works when I am in a slump of any kind.  I’m ordering pizza.  Pizza cures all, as I am sure you know.  My toppings will be meatless, but I’ll need to get meat on the other half for the carnivore in my life…double cheese, black olives, onions and mushrooms on my half.  Pepperoni on his. 

I’ll take the camera along…just in case I get lucky 🙂

Have a nice night.