My cocoon

My cocoon

I’m still slumping.  Not feeling up to photographing anything in particular, and finding that writing is difficult.  The words seem stuck at the end of my fingertips.  I know they are there, but they have been escaping me.

Reading Anita Jesse’s blog, Through My Lens (, I was reminded that I had many a photograph sitting on my external drives I hadn’t ever touched.  Perhaps I would find something there, something that spoke to me.  In the first catalog I opened, I found this winter photo.  A snapshot of my beloved barn on a cold winter’s day, taken through the comfort of my kitchen window.  Normally a huge lover of warm summer days, I found myself drawn to this photo, a photo which I have several different copies of, made on several different days over the course of winter.  A scene I apparently never completely tire of.

It strikes me that my home is much like a cocoon for me.  Wrapped in warmth and safety, I am here, comfortable even on the bleakest of days.  My view from any window is pleasurable because I am okay here.  Always okay here.  Like a fortress.

There’s more to this story, I’m sure.  More to say.  I know there is.  But my fingers, they are muting again.  So for the moment, I’ll be glad to have had the photo put in front of me.  I needed to take a look at the view and be reminded of its comfort.