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Portrait of the self

Portrait of the self

Yesterday, I wrote briefly about a comfort zone for me–my home.  A place I can be and go, with few exceptions, and feel safe.  My cocoon. 

Following in the footsteps (ahem, so to speak) of fellow blogger Monte Stevens (http://montestevens.wordpress.com/ ), I decided I would step out of my comfort zone, if only momentarily, and try taking a self-portrait.  If you’ve ever visited Monte’s blog, he is a master at capturing a great self-portrait.  I always admire those images and find myself wishing I could capture one of myself that looked at least half as good as one of Monte’s.

Unfortunately, one of my character defects is … I am painfully shy.  As a compromise to the goal I set, I decided I’d capture…the essence of me.  That is, me in one of my favorite positions, doing one of my favorite things–blogging, with my feet up on my desk.  I think this is a good compromise and, well, since it is MY blog, I get to decide what pictures I take and display.  I also figure that I can tackle the self portrait a little at a time.

You know…baby steps.  🙂

Have a great night.