Chillin' at the beach

There are those individuals who wander into your life and, almost immediately, you wish they’d wandered in another direction.  Its been my experience that folks like that often stick around a lot longer than you might wish them to.

I do believe in balance, though.  There are also those individuals who wander in to your life and, almost immediately, you feel like you’ve known them forever.  And when they wander away, albeit sometimes temporarily, you miss them.  Really miss them.  As if a part of you goes away with them. 

I am not a very social person by nature.  I’ve always been limited to a few close, personal relationships rather than having a broad social network of friends.  I used to think I was strange because I didn’t enjoy being around people as much as most others did–at this stage in my life, however, I have just accepted that this is who I am.  So, nowadays when someone enters my sphere and I feel connected to them, I appreciate them in a much different way.  And I miss them when they aren’t around.

Thanks, to those of you I miss.  You know who you are.