Permission to come aboard

Permission to come aboard

Its been anything but a typical summer here on the shores of Lake Erie.  After a run at the beach on Saturday morning, I strolled along for a few moments with my camera to cool off.  The wind was blowing hard, waves bounding up and down the shore.  Clouds appeared to be beckoning fall weather, with their dark bottoms looming over the lakeshore.

Nonetheless, lifeguards faithfully appear to ready for the day of swimmers.  With water temperatures just now nearing 70 and waves crashing against the shore, the guards have their day cut out for them.  Young in body and spirit, these men and women have a tremendous responsibility to keep their eyes and ears peeled at all times.  Their jobs are to prevent the unthinkable. 

They are taught to be kind and customer-friendly as well–as you can see a young boy is approaching this guard, who is preparing to open his section of the lake for the day.  Normally, swimmers are not permitted on the benches–but no swimmers were out yet.  The kind lifeguard knelt down and took several minutes to talk with the little boy before resuming his duties that morning. 

It was nice to witness a role model in action, especially one this young.  Thanks to all the lifeguards who faithfully guard our beaches each summer, rain, heat, or whipping wind.