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The daisy

The daisy

The daisy. 

One of my very favorite flowers.  Seemingly simple and plain, with its yellow center and white petals, it proudly stands out in bunches amongst its fellow garden flowers.  

Like anything else, however, its intricacies reveal themselves when viewed more closely.  The delicate nature of its petals, transparent like tissue when graced with a droplet of water.  The thousands of pieces which make up its center, inviting to bumblebees in search of a nectar bounty.  Its fragility and its imperfections, all visible to the naked eye, just for the looking.

Is it better to examine the things we see and experience from a distance…or with a microscope?  Do we benefit from understanding the whole, and seeing how the part fits into the whole–or is it more useful to dissect a problem or issue from the inside out, piece by piece, examining all parts closely…and perhaps losing the entire context?

The answer to this question is completely dependent on the individual asking it.  I would suggest that neither approach is better than the other.  Any view that deliberately or inadvertently leaves out the larger picture or an understanding of the individual parts that equal the whole will leave you without a complete answer.  Most of us have a preferred style of reasoning and problem solving, lending itself to the possibility that five people presented with one problematic scenario will arrive at five different solutions.

How do you experience and make sense of the world–contextually, or in a piecemeal fashion?