Global warming and drought?  Not this year.

Global warming and drought? Not this year.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to display a snapshot typifying much of the weather so far this summer in NW Pennsylvania.  It seems as though every time I finish mowing our property, it rains within hours.  Could it be my Cub Cadet possesses some magical anti-drought powers?  Or perhaps my weed eater?  Might I offer them to those experiencing drought in other regions of the country, in hopes that moments after mowing their lawns, the flood gates will open and offer liquid fortifier to all things green?

Well, perhaps not.  More likely, we are experiencing a season of lake effect rain–similar to lake effect snow, but wetter.  I can tell you that I now fear walking in our yard–every bloodsucking insect known to man has hatched in the nearby vicinity and I fear anemia if I am bitten any more.

I’ll take the rain as a sign to slow down on the yard work.  Saturday, I was weeding and angered a nest of yellow jackets to the tune of several stings and one trip to the doctor’s office today.  I’ve had increased swelling, warmth, and redness at a few of the sting sites–“cellulitis” according to the good doctor, ie, localized bacterial infection.  That same day, the drive belt broke on the push mower for the third time.  While lifting the apparatus to inspect it, I fumbled a little (still sore from the yellow jackets, I suppose) and dropped the dang thing on my head.


Now that I think of it, good thing it rained all day yesterday–I could have seriously injured myself had I continued on in the yard.

Time for more benadryl and a nap.  Happy Monday.