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Off into the sunset

Off into the sunset

Walking away.  

The man pictured on the left spent a leisurely time reading by the shore until it became too dark to do so.  Then he gathered his things and walked away.

Simple enough, no?  Well…no.  Not for me, anyway. 

I’m a lingerer.  In til the last man’s standing.  I always marvel at people who have the capacity to just turn and walk away from things.  I don’t view this as a bad quality.  Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact.  I envy it at times.  People who have had enough, recognize it, and exit.  No obvious regret or drama.  Poof.  All done.  Good common sense tells them to leave and they do.

Now, I must say, at this point of middle age–I’ve become much better at this.  Oh, walking away from things can still be a difficult, teeth gnashing decision, but I’ve improved in my ability to take action and recognize when a situation just isn’t going to change.  But its HARD.  Just hard.

Today I listened to a friend of mine talk about filing for divorce.  She’s just nearing forty with two young children and has been with this man since her teen years.  He’s now on his second affair and she is struggling as well with walking away.  She is also a mental health professional and I think that quality of hope–that thing that makes us able to work with people who are spiritually and emotionally and sometimes physically dying around us–that hope is not something we can so easily cap off when it comes to our own lives.  We believe in change, we believe in the miracle of the human spirit and giving up is generally not what we are trained to do. 

But a good counter-therapist would argue that we aren’t giving up–but rather setting limits and boundaries, a healthy sign of recovery in life.  Recognizing the things we can and cannot change in life, and acting accordingly.

Oh pooh.  I just therapized myself.  I hate it when that happens…I can’t even charge for it! 

Lol.  🙂  Have a good night everyone.