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Boots extraordinaire
Boots extraordinaire

Very often in life, I find it to be the little pleasures, the small things that make you smile, that you get moving through the day.  Things someone else might scoff at, but which we wear or use proudly.  Or perhaps indulge in secretly.  Things that remind you its okay to be a little silly and, as a matter of fact, highly recommended.

There is nothing secret about my bright, flowery pink Wellington boots.  I’d been eyeing them for weeks, trying to decide which color and pattern were most attractive to me.  Bright pinks, deep blues and bellowing reds sung to me from the boot shop shelves, “Pick me, Pick me”!  Seemingly flashy for a wannabe hobbyist farmgirl, but I was smitten.  I took the plunge, unfurling my $19.97 and passing it across to the cashier.   She glanced at me with a smile, ever-so-slight, and quietly remarked, “These are pretty, but I’ve been eyeing the blue ones.”  Ah, an underground society of colorful bootwearers exists!  I wondered if we had a secret handshake.

I wear them proudly for every outdoor chore imagineable.  This year, the year of every-day-rain, they’ve been particularly practical in mucking through the muddier areas of the yard and garden.  I look down at them, mud clumps and weedwhacker stains alike, proud that they endure such dirt and grime and still can appear almost as beautiful as the day I took them off the shelf.

Perhaps they’re only beautiful to me.  After all, beauty and art is all in the eye of the beholder.  But my beauties deserve to have some portraiture.

Please, go indulge yourself in something silly today.  I guarantee you’ll feel all the better for it.