Ready for take off

Ready for take off

It does a heart good to look out the window and see the plane for the first leg of your trip getting plenty of fuel in it.  Fuel = good.

Headed out this morning on a 7:05 AM flight to Cleveland, followed by a flight from Cleveland to Los Angeles.  After a very long ride in a shuttle from the airport to the hotel in downtown LA, I am now hotel-bound and hoping for the other side of that sunset to show up soon (I’m tired!).  I have to say, this is quite a culture shock for a woman who’s nearest neighbors are chickens and horses.  This is the land of people-plenty.

I tried to travel light, grabbing my little Xsi which, after carrying around a Canon 5d seems somewhat toy-like.  But then again, if it gets lost, damaged, or stolen, I am not going to feel nearly as badly.  Somewhat bad–but not horrified.  I have my work Mac, and it has nothing but iPhoto on it for processing…so we’ll make due and become a little more familiar with this little white laptop.

I’ve left the husband home to tend to the animals, the grass, the ponds and, god forbid, himself.  I bought a lot of lunch meat and cereal and asked him not to touch anything hot or, for that matter, anything at all in my kitchen.  Lol. 🙂

I’ll be here, on and off, and hope to spend the remainder of the evening catching up on some blogs and such.

Not sure what types of photos I will have time to take while I am here (this is work-related, and we start tomorrow)–but I hope to get a few photos here and there.

I hope all is well with everyone.