On the boardwalk

On the boardwalk








I’m in a bit of a slump with my photography right now.  Perhaps floundering is the best way to describe it. 

As much as I’d love to be out shooting, I find myself sapped of energy and creativity.  Part of this, I am certain, has to do with managing the energy left over from a tiring work week.  Some of it is time of year–its cooled down very quickly here, and I find the suddenness of the cooler evenings rather a shock to my system.  As much as I love the fall, the cooler weather always slows me down.  Finally, I have been traveling a bit and have some additional travelling up and coming.  This puts me out of my daily routines, and I become much less organized.

Perhaps this is what appeals to me about this photo.  The straight lines and would-be orderliness.  Its also a path, which I tend to photograph over and over and over.  Paul Lester (http://www.paullesterphoto.com/wordpress/?p=2397) recently wrote about this in one of his posts.  I have more photos of trails and paths than I can count.

Why–who knows–but I do, indeed, find my trail photos deeply satisfying.  Isn’t that enough of an explanation?

Good day to all.