Nowhere USA

Nowhere USA

There’s a lot to be said for nowhere.  There are no phones there.  No calendars, no appointments, and generally no people.  Actually, all summed up, nowhere is looking pretty good to me right now.

This is an older photo, taken on our honeymoon backpacking trip several years ago.  At the end of the week, we are headed off for our last longer backcountry trip of the year.   “Nowhere”, for the purposes of this trip, equates to the Appalachian Trail through a short distance of NY and all through Connecticut to the Massachusets border.  About an 80 mile stretch, it signals to us the end of warmer weather and the beginnings of dreaming and planning for next year’s hikes.  It means doing nothing except walking toward the next the place you will lay your head down, staying as dry and warm as possible, eating enough to sustain the 5000 to 6000 calories burnt per day, and finding water that you can treat and drink.  Very basic. 

But getting ready for such a trip, where everything you need to survive is hoisted upon your back (in 30 lbs or less, preferably) takes a little planning.  And, when one thinks about hiking for 80 miles, its helpful to sort through your photos that document the good and not-so-good times you’ve had.  Helps build the excitement for the trip.  So here I am, sorting and sharing with you some of my memories.  I’ll be sure to return with some new memories to share as well.

Here’s to the basics in life.  Here’s to going nowhere, and really, really looking forward to it.