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The white blaze of the Appalachian Trail

The white blaze of the Appalachian Trail

Follow me. 

This is what the white, six-inch blaze marking trees, bridges, fence posts and rocks beckons to the Appalachian Trail hiker.  Follow me, into the woods, across the streams, over the hill, and to the campsite, where you may rest your weary head.  The blazes mark the path one must take in order to find their way.  Most of the trail is well-marked.  There are times, however, if one is not paying attention, they can stray off the trail without even realizing it.  It is usually not difficult to retrace your steps and join the trail once again. 

This is not always the case.  In spite of one’s best efforts, a hiker can find themselves astray, no blazes in sight to mark their direction.

And then we are lost.

I often find trail happenings to be analogous to life.  If I pay attention to the signs I am given, my journey–whether smooth or rough–generally concludes at the end of the day with peace.  If I ignore those markers placed in my path and take matters into my own hands, things often do not turn out in the best of ways.

More on our Appalachian Trail adventures later this week.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!