Morning's light

Morning's light

Fall is my favorite season.  The colors, the contrasts in the sky, and bountiful harvests of year-end fruits all make for a visually sensuous season.  Sunrise, one of my most favorite times to photograph, is now easily in reach.  Although I would prefer a longer day of light, I now can rise at a reasonable hour to catch the perfect morning light.

I took this photo a few weekends ago.  There is not only much more color in the trees now, there also happens to be snow on the ground this morning.  I am home today, rather ill with a migraine.  Still, I am warm and safe and cozy.  Light piano music in the background (George Winston), a cup of coffee, and a warm blanket–all make the nuisance of a headache a bit more bearable.

I am hoping not to fall off the face of the earth again any time soon.  Work schedules, home improvement projects, visitors, and, ultimately, pure exhaustion set in.  Tasks I usually find pleasurable–such as sharing a photo and a few words here–became sheer tasks to check off the list.  I know when something fun becomes a chore, I need to re-think and re-energize.  And not put so much pressure on myself to keep up with everything.  I may post a little less often, but I will be here. 

Have a good weekend, everyone!