Season fading

Season fading

Fall can certainly have its deceptive moments.  Snowing lightly just a few days ago, the week has morphed into a what feels more like a mid-September rather than a mid-October day.  Sunshine and temperatures near 60 are forecasted for the balance of the week.

And yet, the signs are everywhere that winter looms closely around the corner.  With the recent killing frosts in the area, the brightness of fall leaves begins to fade and leaves seemingly leap from their trees in a move to desert the mother-ship.  Standing under our black walnut tree is risky, as the large, green nuts hurl themselves to the ground with a large thud (I think there is squirrel aiming for me).

Like soldiers marching to their last stand, the cornstalks begin to show their wear in these parts.  Some will soon be transformed into lovely, spooky Halloween decor–others will be cleared in preparation for next year’s plantings, shred by large machines for easy disposal.

I love the surprises of this season, where the colorful landscapes change by the hour.  A gift before moving toward the whiteness of winter weather.

Bring it on, October!