Eagle eye

Mondays are never my best days.  It always takes me a little longer in reacclimating myself to start the work week.  Such was my morning this morning, as I rushed about, wanting to get to my office a bit earlier than usual.  I had a meeting to start immediately upon my arrival.  I was doing well, about 15 minutes ahead of schedule and well on my way to a few moments of peace before the others would be arriving in my office with the expectation of coffee and a two hour meeting.

I headed out to my car to start and warm it on this chilly, frost-ridden Monday before pulling out.  One of our resident crows was cawing loudly above me—not abnormal, for I intermittently leave them peanuts for their breakfast, and had not done so this morning.  I looked up (as any good photographer should) and beheld what you see in today’s photograph.  (The crow had long since fled).  Bestill my heart.  What a beautiful feathered beast. 

I hadn’t had my camera in hand, but rushed back into the house to grab it.  I fired off four quick shots and then returned to awaken my husband, who was relaxing in bed, having taken the day off.  We stared in wonderment until such a time that I knew I needed to leave.  He stayed until I backed my car out of the barn and then finally flew off toward Elk Creek.

It was well worth being late for.