I can't get it in the barn!

Every once in awhile, I get the urge to play around a little bit with my Photoshop.  When I do process photos, most of them are done with LR2.  Its quick, easy, and intuitive.  Lately, though, I’ve been marveling at what folks can do with certain effects, especially paint effects.  They aren’t for everyone, but this photo seemed suited for it.  I love how the effect softens the grain of the barn’s wood.

There is a black walnut tree behind our barn.  This little fellow was intent on pulling thru the unhusked walnut (the large green object) through the small hole for winter’s storage.  We watched through our kitchen window as he’d run up the barn with the nut, attempt to pull it through and then drop it–only to start the process over again.  A lesson in perseverance (and survival):  an inspection of the barn’s loft reveals a hefty line up of walnuts for winter’s feasting.

Aw, if only he had a fireplace up there…