Where exactly did I leave off?  What was that last thought I’d had?  Where did I leave my camera???

My goodness.  What a struggle.  I was here.  I was posting.  I was out.  I was shooting.  I was writing.  I was creating.  And I got lost, somewhere in the drive to work.  Somewhere between phone calls and appointments.  Meetings.  During the days I nary get a rest room break, let alone time for lunch.  Where are my days?  How does the sunrise move so quickly to sunset?  It used to be a summer’s day was fifteen solid hours long.  Not anymore.  Summer days I see passing if I trouble myself long enough to take a glance outside my office window.  I wonder, “Is it warm out?”  Have I been in here so long that I wouldn’t recognize the day if I stepped out into it?

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Me who?

That’s right.  Me…who?