Old Green Eyes

Sometimes the best of friends in one’s life are furry.

This is Festie, and I so enjoy photographing him.  I don’t ever remember taking a bad picture of this fellow, which is not to say I’m a good photographer.  He’s just very photogenic.  He actually poses, almost always looking cool and serene.  As if waiting on cue for someone to shout, “Make-up!  Lights, camera….ACTION!”

On this particular photo shoot, Festie and I sojourned down to the creek.  Its about a quarter mile from the house and, if I do not want him to follow me, I have to sneak down the hill.  Otherwise, my little 10 pound pussycat shows off the labrador retriever I am certain is part of his mix.  He complains all the way down the hill and all the way out to creek:  “Meow, meow, meow”… translates to “slow down, slow down, slow down”.  So I let him catch up to me, and off we go again.  He jumped up on to a fallen tree here, posing and peering intently across the meandering creek waters.

My BFF. 🙂