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Watching us into the night

 I got off my lazy behind tonight, heading out with the warmth of the summer’s evening and my Canon.  Plenty of companionship for me.  The evening was warm, but the breeze’s touch was soft and comforting.  This was the air of many a childhood night spent playing on the front lawn until darkness (and our mothers) beckoned us to our bedtimes. 

I have to travel just a few miles to reach the lake’s shores.  I was anxious to take some photos.  The sun was just beginning its final decline, like the fiery ball on a New Year’s Eve with Dick Clark.  I had a little bit of time.  I love a good countdown.  I prepared to shoot, quickly taking the first shot to meter for just the right light.  A family splashed in the waters beyond me, dancing in and out of the sun’s reflection against the great lake.  I sauntered my way along the shore, snapping at will.  Enjoying the comfort a peaceful summer’s night brings.  

As light turned to dusk, I returned to my car, heading home with my night’s treasures.  Time to develop the photos.  Time to see if justice was served in at least one or two of my captures.  And yes, there were a few photos I really liked.  But this one–the one I’ve posted–this was my metering shot.  The quick one I took to adjust my settings.  I wasn’t paying attention to who was watching me back.  A slight crop reveals that I wasn’t the only one out on a watch tonight. 

But I was the only one with the camera.  Lucky me. 🙂