The bumblebee

Sitting in my camera bag is a $500 100mm macro lens.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve pulled it out of my bag–I want to shoot wide open with the lens and, seemingly, this is when I get the shakes.  I can’t get a sharp picture to save my life.  I know, tripod, tripod, tripod.  

For what its worth, sharp or not, here she is–the bumblebee.  She was resting on the bee balm in my herb garden.  A patient poser, she stood as still as she could whilst I twittered away at her, modeling one pose for me after another.  I wish I could tell her a star had been born.  Instead, she remains simple, as nature intended her.  A gatherer of pollen and nectar. 

Sometimes simple is best.  We’ll try again another day. 

Or we’ll sell the damned lens. 

Have a nice weekend.