From time to time, I like to play artist with my photos–that is, I like to use them as a starting point to create something beyond what my camera captures.  I suppose what I am really capturing is what I see in my mind’s eye.    

I have a fascination with farms and barns.  I really love tractors–Farmalls, in particular (red tractor, left one in the photo above).  I’m saving for one–god knows why, we only have two acres.  (Hey, not everything needs an explanation!).  For now, I satisfy my longing for the rural by capturing what I can with my lens.    

Farming as an industry seems to be fading fast in our country.  Many farmers have a difficult time making ends meet nowadays.  Jon Katz  does a wonderful photo essay series on dairy farmer John Clark, who decides to sell off his herd and farm no longer.  Mr. Katz is an excellent writer, but the photos are powerful.  The message is clear.  We’re succumbing to our own efficiencies and urgencies.  There is little room left for small enterprises.  Make way for mass production.   


My camera provides me with an opportunity to catch a vision which may soon be a memory.  I hope the future brings a resurgence of local farming.  I hope I can bring a little color back in to some of my farm pictures.  At  least, in my mind’s eye.