Rain outside my workshop


We’ll pretend the pictures is not sharp because of the rain.  In all actuality, its very likely one of the two resident cats was either pawing at me or jumping on to my lap.
That being said, this is the view looking out from the side of my studio, on to our property.  On this particular morning of just a few weeks ago, it was a gloriously rainy Sunday.  In my younger years, I loved the balmy hot days of summer.  I thrived in arriving at the beach in a swimsuit, ready to soak up those cancerous sunny rays of light while I sweat and napped the day away in the sun.  Those days are long gone for me.  Although I really do enjoy the warmth and mobility a summer day gives, I no longer wish for a grueling hot day of sunshine when temperatures peak in the upper 80s. 
This may have something to do with my abhorrence at the thought of putting a swim suit on.
Moreover though, there are many chores a summer’s day requires in my adult life–chores I don’t mind doing–mowing the lawn, weeding a garden.  Those tasks are much more pleasant, though, when the temperatures hover in the 70’s and a nice breeze pushes the air around like a fan.  Even better–the respite of a warm, rainy day.  No chores to be had outside, one has no other choice but to sit back with an extra cup of coffee and a good book.
And, of course, a kitty cat to rest on your lap.
Happy day to all.