The look of love

I took this photo last summer at a wedding we attended.  Eyes speak volumes.  What do you think her eyes suggest? 

I wish I could have seen his eyes as well.  I don’t know if this is a married couple, a casual, last minute date, or two individuals who have been dating awhile.  Her eyes suggest to me she is just entranced with this young man.  I wonder, does he see that?  Is he reciprocating, or obvilious?  Maybe he is proposing, or talking about making wedding plans with her.  Maybe he’s rambling aimlessly about football and she isn’t listening to a word he’s saying.  Maybe they are recently engaged, or perhaps the perfect match, married for the past five years and very happily so.

I wonder if they are still together.

I can look at old black and white photos of couples from the turn of the century for hours.  I always ask myself these questions.  What was it like being them, in their shoes, at that time?  Did they live long?  Were they happy?  Did they remain together?  I am not sure what my fascination is, but it is.  And expressions, especially those which are caught unbeknowst to the “expresser”, are priceless and often telling.  When I was a practicing therapist, I often learned more about what was happening inside a person by the look on their face than the words coming out of their mouths. 

This is one of the things that make photography so valuable.  Catching a moment, a blink of an eye or the flap of a butterflies wing–for eternity.

Enjoy your day.  And smile.  Someone might be taking your picture!