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Family time


 With a few weeks left in the season, summer is holding its hot and humid grip on these parts of the country.  One of the nice things about living near a great lake is the abundance of water to splash and play in on a hot summer’s night.  Most people drive to the local state park, with its miles of beaches and cookout areas.  And then there are those spots along the lake that are little known to the visitors and newcomers in the area, where the crowds are few, the setting peaceful and quiet.  

This family splashed around under the setting sun for quite some time.  Simple fun.  No Wii‘s, no iPods, no laptops.  Just a weird stranger on the shore, snapping their photo from time to time (that was me, the weird stranger).  Didn’t seem to bother them.  I’m not sure they even noticed.  They seemed completely captivated with the fun they were having while the bright, orange fiery sun slowly tucked itself in to rest up for another day of summer.