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 Do you ever become so absorbed in what you are doing, hopefully something you enjoy, that you become completely unaware of your surroundings? 

This gentlemen was spending some time re-tying his fly.  I certainly did not sneak up on him, but he remained unaware of my presence the entire time I drifted along the bank of the creek with my camera.  Or at least I think he did.  And I hope he did.  

One of the gifts in life, I believe, is to have some things you enjoy so much they take you away from the everyday ups and downs of work and life.  Things you can plunge yourself in to, at least for a few hours, to remind you that life is meant to be enjoyed.  That all work and no play–well, it’s just not good for you.  I sometimes have a hard time reminding myself and some of the 200 other people I’m responsible for during my work week of this notion.  And it is easy to forget when you are caught in the daily grind.  

I cherish my weekends and my evenings.  I cherish the quiet they normally bring and the slower pace.  I cherish breathing, walking, and running.  These times, these quiet times, are my times for meditations.  

I have been told, by those much wiser than me, that prayer is the time when you speak to your Higher PowerMeditation is the time that Higher Power speaks to you.   

These are my very favorite lectures, but I only hear them when I let myself.  When I take time to listen. 

Have a great day.