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Holy tree

 Perhaps this should be “holey”…not “holy”.


Nonetheless, I remain ever fascinated by nature.  In this case, one of the many, many woodpeckers who grace our property diligently pecked and hammered away at this forlorned ghost of a tree, the holes like signatures on old parchment paper.  I took this photo last year.  Not much remains this year.  Some of the tree has fallen forward, pulverized by the antics of woodpecker and insect alike. 


Nature leaves nothing to waste.  This tree not only served as a cupboard of insects for a hungry pileated woodpecker, but also as a lovely nesting ground for many a feathered friend throughout the years.  Its almost retired now, and will eventually be pulverized enough in to the ground to become part of the reason our soil is fertile.


Recycling at its very, very best.