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No lines at this super market

There doesn’t seem to be any waiting in line here–just a simple honor system.  A scale, some zucchini, a money box and, to the right (just in case)…some firewood.  These are the treasures of summer and fall country living.  There is nothing fresher than roadside produce from a mom and pop stand.  We buy all of our summer corn this way and, if we didn’t have a vegetable garden larger-than-life in our own backyard, we’d buy the rest of our veggies this way, too.  I do hunt for apples and grapes in the fall this way.  We’re particularly lucky in that our lakeshore habitat in the NW corner of our state lends itself to lots and lots of grape growing.  Oodles of them.  There’s a Grape Festival held annually, complete with a contest for squishing the little buggers under your toes.  Best Squisher of the Year, 2010.  If I had the nerve to enter, I’d wear my contestant badge as proudly as Miss Tennessee strutting across the runway in a one piece bathing suit from god-knows-where.

I digress. 

Apparently produce inspires me.  Well, actually, it does.  Roadside stands like this seem to be fading into our local history.  Some of the stands I’ve come across in the past few years–the ones on the more, well-travelled roads–are mini-markets with not-so-mini prices.  But these stands–those backroad gems we visit year after year–they beg you to stop and don’t disappoint.  Even if all  you can buy is an armful of fresh zucchini, so be it.  Its fresh.  And it’ll taste great.

Simple.  Classic.  Fresh.

Welcome to Small Town, USA.  I love it here. 🙂