There was once a candy bar by that name–the Oh Henry! bar.  It’s been a long time since I’ve perused the candy bar offerings, I imagine that one might be a candy bar of the past.  This Henry, however, is sweetness for the future.  There is something about a child’s face that instinctually provokes in many of us the need to coddle, oooh and ahhh over the child.  Call it maternal or paternal, but the majority of us will have the same reaction, time and again, when a helpless newborn is presented to us. 

The face of a newborn offers hope for the future.  A cure for cancer?  An improved ozone?  Global warming reversed?  Who knows.  Henry could be anyone he wants to be.  An astronaut, a teacher, a physicist.  A writer or photographer.  Husband, father, brother.  Minister.  Doctor. 

Oh, Henry.  Just be a three-week old for now.  You’ve got the whole world before you and lots of time to mull it over.  Sleep tight, little one.