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Self reflection

I took quite a number of photos while on vacation this past week.  On top of a mountain, at 3,700 feet, there were some awe-inspiring sights.  Sunrises, sunsets.  Vistas and valleys.  Clouds.  Mountain after mountain. 

But of all the photos I took, the one that strikes a chord in me more than any other is this one.  The mistake photo–where  you shoot through a window and get all kinds of reflection and glare.  Yet, I am drawn to it.  There I am, with my camera, looking out on to the beauty of nature.  My favorite season, and the sun is setting.  I am in a mountain lodge and I am warm, safe, and comfortable both with myself and among the friends who have shared this trip with me.  I am grateful, to be breathing and standing, and to be able to see the sights before me.  To have something to vacation from and the capacity to pick up and go, without too, too many worries.  For my friends, all their little quirks and all their patience with my own quirks.  For my husband, and his ever-present patience with my antics.  For the kindness he shows with my silly little whims.  And for the commitment he has to being a partner.

I hope that I can take the sense of peace I feel into at least tomorrow and remember how I felt tonight, at 7:38 pm, in the last few hours of my time away from work.  Peace in the heart.  Love in my soul.  Happiness.  And gratitude.